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Possession Attorney in Lincoln, Nebraska

If you are arrested for possession of any controlled substance, you may be facing very harsh criminal charges. Everything from marijuana to improperly obtained prescription drugs is illegal to have on your person or in your car. Even small amounts of illicit substances can land you in a world of legal trouble. Chapin Law Office has been helping people in this position for 30 years and is well-equipped to effectively fight any possession charge.

The Burden of Proof for Prosecution

In order to be successfully prosecuted for possession, prosecutors must only prove that you knew you had the substance and intended to either use or control them. This is a relatively easy thing to do, as it is difficult to prove that you had no idea the drugs were in your possession. Unfortunately for you, they don’t even have to provide evidence of your having used the drugs. A clean criminal record may help, but that alone is not enough to disprove your good intentions.

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Assessing the Incident

The best avenue for reducing or dismissing your charges is to find evidence of some mishandling or wrongdoing on the part of the law enforcement officials who were at the scene or thereby involved in your case after. For example, they need a warrant or reasonable doubt to conduct a search of you or your belongings. If they fabricated a reason, entered your premises illegally, or otherwise violated your right to privacy, we may be able to have the charge thrown out altogether.

Devising a Defense that Works

If your case was handled properly, we’ll have to be a bit more creative in our preparation for trial. This is where we truly shine in our legal work. We will draw upon positive aspects of your personal and professional background, attempt any medical explanation that may mitigate the circumstances, and many other techniques effective for providing an adequate amount of doubt as to your guilt. Don’t fret - we have your back and will take your case very seriously.