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Divorce Attorney in Lincoln, Nebraska

The decision to end your marriage may be difficult, but not all unions are happy and fulfilling for those involved. You deserve a chance at a fresh start and to rebuild your life in a way that is best for your personal well-being. Chapin Law Office has 40 years of experience representing people facing divorce to get the resolution they desire and move forward. We are eager to do the same for you and your family.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

A contested divorce is one in which the spouses cannot come to a mutual agreement regarding the terms of their divorce. This route should be your last resort due to its exorbitant cost(s) and the time required in seeing it through. Furthermore, minor children whose parents can avoid a contested divorce in favor of a mediated or uncontested divorce are far less likely to experience emotional upheaval or financial instability as the union is ending.

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Pursuing Mediation vs. Trial

No matter how poorly you and the other parent are at communicating with one another, or how widely you may disagree about the key elements of a divorce settlement, don’t just assume that your matter will end up in litigation without speaking to a lawyer. Indeed, there are often more affordable and effective ways to resolve family law matters. In the event that your issue does proceed to litigation, however, we will fight for you to protect your interests as well as the best interests of your child/children.

Patience Is Paramount

More than anything, remaining civil, open to negotiation, and remembering the end goal are your top priorities. We aid you in this endeavor by taking the lion-share of communication with your soon-to-be-ex or their legal representative so that you can focus on the other aspects of your life. We will advise you with transparency so that you can visualize what you want and be the bigger person who doesn’t lose their cool, even if your spouse does.