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When a marriage ends and the couple has children together, the issue of child custody takes precedence. Maintaining as stable a life as possible for your kids is vital to their well-being now and in the future. Chapin Law Offices helps our clients determine their custody goals, consider their children’s preferences, and wrap up this matter as expediently as possible. Let us help you and them move forward confidently.

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Different Types of Custody

As you begin this process, it’s important to understand what kinds of custody you can pursue. Simply put, they are as follows:

  • Legal Custody: This allows you to maintain parental privileges and make decisions regarding your child’s healthcare, education, religious activities, extracurricular activities, and more.

  • Physical Custody: This type of custody means your child can reside with you all or some of the time.

  • Sole Custody: You assume both physical and legal custody of your children and your spouse does not.

  • Joint Custody: You and your ex share either physical or legal custody, or both.

  • Visitation: A non-physical custodial parent maintains the ability to spend time with their child.

How to Negotiate Custody Terms

If you and your partner are in agreement over what the custody arrangement should be, there’s no need to take this issue to court. We can draft a custody agreement that the two of you can negotiate and ultimately sign, or settle mitigating details in mediation. This option is the most time- and cost-efficient.

If you and your ex cannot mutually agree on the terms of your child’s custody, we will have to defend your position in court. In this case, you need a skilled litigator by your side who can present a compelling argument for your custodial wishes. Either way, Chapin Law Office has over four decades of experience and can help you wrap this up to your satisfaction.